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Motivational keynote speaker, employee engagement, customer service

Workplace: where employees HAVE to go because they make a paycheck.

The WOW place where people LOVE to go because they make a difference!

I wanted to let you know what great feedback we are continuing to receive from your keynote at our National Franchise Conference. The lessons learned have been a big hit with our franchise community. It's a real testimonial on your
program when months after the event owners are
still engaged in implementing the key points you
stressed. Not only was your presentation entertaining,
it is making a positive difference in our business.

- Jim George / President & CEO, The Snip-Its Corporation

The The WOW place Rules® Rules:

  1. A WOWplace is Safe
  2. A WOWplace is Respectful
  3. A Wowplace is Human...
    not Humanoid
  4. A WOWplace is Innovative,
    Creative and Fun!
  5. A WOWplace is Rewarding

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Sandy's high impact content - combined with a dash of fun, humor and entertainment - inspires attendees!

The workplace should be a place where employee creativity, innovation and yes, even fun, thrive! But are your leaders WOW leaders? Are your people WOW people? Your WOW products may attract customers, but do your associates go the extra mile to find hidden WOWs for everyone involved?

Creating the WOW is not a one-time action. We can't simply create an experience, deliver it once, and consider our job done. It's an ever-improving process for surprising and delighting associates and customers alike on a regular basis. By consistently treating associates to WOW experiences, we inspire them to consistently treat customers to WOW experiences.

Contact Sandy to find out how her uplifting ideas, entertaining stories, and easy-to-use models can inspire your attendees to remember they do make a differenceā€¦ and help them re-engage, eliminate excuses, break the "status quo", and reinforce a culture of service, values, respect and creativity.











Sandy's Clients

Sandy's Clients


Your presentation was the highlight of the morning and
really set the tone for the year. Our director received
complimentary notes from everyone about the day.
the day. Feel free to use me as a reference any time!

- Darlene Moppert, MS, RD, LD/N
Program Manager, Nutrition Education and Training
Food and Nutrition Services, Broward County Schools


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